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Sealtack 780 Adhesive

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
CAI100662 SABA - Sealtack 780 Black CTG $16.02
CAI100661 SABA - Sealtack 780 Gray CTG $16.02
CAI100651 SABA - Sealtack 780 White CTG $16.02

Sealtack 780


A high viscosity construction adhesive that can also be used as a sealant for the elastic bonding of frames, profiles and plates of trucks and coachwork, caravans, buses, containers, ventilations and air conditioning, electro technology, equipment assembly, metal and tin processing and plastics technology. It is suitable for use on anodic treated aluminium, galvanised and varnished steel, lead, copper, soft PVC, glass, glazed and non glazed tiles and concrete.

Before application, the surfaces need to be treated with Cleaner 48 to guarantee excellent adhesion.  Pre-treat Polyethylene and Polypropylene with Primer 4518.


Sealtack 780 is typically used in the following industries:

-Automotive                             -Caravan

-Commercial Vehicles               -Marine and Boat Building


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