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Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWLT0200Q Awlwood MA Brush Cleaner Qt $39.6
AWLT0200G Awlwood MA Brush Cleaner GAL $158.27
AWLT0201Q Awlwood MA Brushing Reducer Qt $30.78
AWLJ3890Q Awlwood MA Clear Gloss Qt $76.47
AWLJ3810Q Awlwood MA Clear Matt QT $76.47
AWLJ3809Q Awlwood MA Primer Clear Qt $76.47
AWLJ7809Q Awlwood MA Primer Red Tone Qt $76.47
AWLJ9809Q Awlwood MA Primer Yellow Tone Qt $76.47
AWLT0202Q Awlwood MA Spray Reducer Qt $30.78


Awlwood MA is an exterior clear system that is made up of a Primer and Clear Finish (available as satin or gloss). By combining the Primer and Clear together, the synergistic effect results in an outstanding performing system that adheres and bonds directly to the wood cellular structure giving extended performance and retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as first application.

For exterior, above waterline use only


Features and Benefits

  • High building, fast curing formulation allowing multiple applications per day reducing work time
  • Applicable over a wide range of temperatures and humidity by various methods so the same great result every time
  • Remains highly flexible throughout lifetime of system which allows natural substrate movement whilst giving excellent toughness and abrasion resistance
  • Use of the full system gives a synergistic effect resulting in extended performance retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as first application

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