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Schooner Gold has been formulated using an optimized blend of premium UV absorbers, HALS and resins to ensure the product’s exceptional deep gloss and colour are retained over the lifetime of the coating. Developed as a high gloss yacht varnish, with a traditional golden hue, our tests results show that the gloss retention of Schooner Gold outperforms other leading varnish products, when tested in Florida over an 18 month period. Schooner Gold replaces our current Schooner product, where the higher build properties and improved self-leveling in this new formulation allow you to achieve a professional finish in 4-6 coats; sanding between every other coat, reducing your work time. Formulated for use without the need for thinning in warm and higher temperature climates.
Application Details - Schooner Gold *

 Area  Above the waterline
 Finish/Sheen  High Gloss
 Thinner:  YTA085 / YTA333
 Number of Coats:  Previously varnished wood: 2-4 full coats.
 Method of application:  Airless Spray / Brush / Conventional Spray / Roller
 Available colors:  View color chart and sales codes 
 Pack sizes:  1 US Pint / (USA) / 1 US Quart / (USA and Canada)


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